Sunday, August 16, 2009

Men in Korea buried Oakwood Cemetery, Traverse City, MI

Thanks go out to Kathi Farley for this list of burials from Oakwood Cemetery, Traverse City, Michigan. Obits or data found will be added in time.

Norval Leroy Akers 1936-1972

Leland D Albright 1923-1994

Dale Ross Anderson 1932-2007

George Alfred Andrews 1922-1993

Kenneth T Ankerson 1928-1987

Ervin R Balentine 1934-1995

James D Ballentine 1923-1992

Ronald J Barrett 1947-1968

John Robert Bennett 1929-1966

Joseph M Blume 1923-2006

Gerald W Bohn 1912-1977

Raymond C Braun 1930-1987

Gary D Brief 1931-1985

Leonard T Brief 1923-1969

Leo Dale Brink 1930-1992

Walter Duane Brooks 1928-1979

Peter Paul Brown 1933-2006

John Burns 1927-2003

Donald Francis Courtad 1929-1994

Daniel M Dasin 1933-1975

Donald Diehl 1930-1990

Richard L Dillon 1932-1999

Daniel Francis Dobson 1935-1983

Lawrence L Dunn 1927-1980

Harley Wilbur Earl 1930-1962

Earl W Enger 1927-1990

Faustino Ferido 1923-1991

Henry Adolph Friday 1931-1994

John A Gallagher 1929-1990

Norman Earl Gary 1928-1994

Frank John Gleeson 1900-1980

Jerome J Hill 1929-2004

Ralph T Hoover 1909-1970

Claude W Jakee 1934-1992

Gerald John Jenssen 1932-2008

Robert George Karle 1927-2005

Frank Vincent Kennedy 1929-1978

Robert Andrew Komora 1929-1998

Robert G Karle 1927-2005

Jack Lee Liggett 1931-1973

Lyle L Luchenbill 1931-2000

Leonard G Lyon 1920-1951 KIA

Richard Francis Majszak 1927-1952 KIA

Robert Larry Mapes 1933-1982

Joseph Nagy 1924-1982

Carl Charles Russell 1924-1994

Robert D Shea 1931-1988

Max Austin Stephens 1931-1974

Delbert E Thorn 1927-2005

Julius Harold VanEenenaam 1929-2008

Albert Donald Woodcox 1919-1950

David Purdy Wynkoop 1920-1985

Walter J Younglas 1927-2005

Ralph L Zenner 1928-1986


andiblack said...

I am Robert Andrew Komora's niece, Andrea Langenderfer. Robert Andrew Komora never served in Korea, been in Korea, much less participated in the Korean Conflict. That information was provided by his ex wife and a fabrication. Please check with the military for his records.