Monday, January 5, 2009

County Sends 25 Selectees

Traverse City Record Eagle -- Date Unknown - Each Man will have his own post as data is found. Anyone with information please email me at

Alphabetical list of names in this article. Some men I have nothing on but the links are what I do have so far.
Those with blue links have their own postings. The others I have not searched or have not found data for.

John A. Boyer
Frank Morse Burnett b. 7 Nov 1918 d. 8 Apr 1996 Alanson, Emmet, MI (SSI)
Wayne Burrows (son of Wayne Gibbs Burrows)
Wayne Gibbs Burrows (Sr)
Donald Lewis Campbel
Robert James Grubb
Robert Homer Gum
Leonard Morris Dalzell
Thomas Lester Fitzgerald
Chester Leo Flees
Edward James Green
Edwin Guy Gregory d. 15 Oct 1951GT ?
Ernest James Harrigan b. 31 Mar 1919 (SSI) d. 12 Jul 2002GT
John Frederick Hohman (? 3 Apr 1967GT John W.)
Carl James Hudson
Lawrence Rudolph Huellmantel
Clement Juluis King
Donald David McKeenan
Frank Noteware
Jesse Lewis Russel Owen d. 2 Sep 1990 (No SSI)
William Michael Poboda
Kenneth Aston Stauffer
James Erwin Youmans