Friday, December 12, 2008

Russell Chippewa

October 21 1950 page 2
Traverse City Record Eagle
Son Awarded Badge

Pfc Russell Chippewa, son of Mrs. E. Chippewa, Omena Route 1, (Leelanau County) is currently serving with United Nations troops in Korea as a gunner in the machine gun platoon of Company M, 187th Regiment, of the 11th Airborne Division. Chippewa recently participated in a regimental task force drive by the 187th Regiment against North Korean resistance along the Tongjin peninsula north of Seoul where he was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge.

Jan 29 1953 page 3
Traverse City Record Eagle

Sgt. Russell Chippewa, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Chippewa of Rt. 1, Omena (Leelanau County, Michigan) has been spending a 35-day furlough at his home prior to being sent to Europe for assignment. He is a member of the 511th Airborne Infantry regiment of the 11th Airborne Division. Sgt. Chippewa has served in Korea. He enlisted in 1942, receiving his basic treaining at Fort Hood, Texas.